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Frightful Friday’s Join Spooky Saturdays at the Redoubt Fortress this October
Next month sees double the fear factor as spooky Twilight Tours return to the Redoubt Fortress every weekend throughout October, in a brand new tour seen through the eyes of a Canadian soldier’s sweetheart.
For twice the terror, the creaky doors of the fortress will open up on both Fridays and Saturdays this year offering some brand new family friendly nights, as intrepid tour guests of all ages discover more about gruesome battles, mysterious objects and haunted sightings throughout the 200 year old fortification.

Led by a costumed tour guide, Fridays will see an hour-long frightful torchlit journey through the cobwebbed corridors, dank cells and gun caponiers, not for the faint hearted, while Saturdays welcomes families in a fun-filled gentle spook-fest, suitable for all ages.

Beginning on Friday 2 October, the tours will be led by the ghostly sweetheart of a Canadian soldier who may have disappeared under mysterious circumstances while stationed at the Redoubt in WWII.

The creepy corridors will reveal some surprises as the love struck tour guide roams the Redoubt hoping for her sweethearts return. Not looking a day older than she did in 1945, she seems to carry a burden of guilt that has suspended her in time.

Eastbourne Borough Council Lead Cabinet Member for Culture, Tourism and Enterprise, Cllr Margaret Bannister said “As the nights draw in, what a great way to experience the Redoubt by torchlight as it would have been many years ago, along with some fascinating real life stories, local legends and with some added spook-factor for good measure. Both evenings offer very different levels of fear factor, so be sure to book into right tour for you.”

The fortress has a fascinating history, from an 1800’s Napoleonic encampment to WWI Military Police headquarters which housed prisoners, and a base for Canadian troops in WWII.

The Redoubt has received many ghostly sightings in recent years, from the strange crouching man on the gun platform and apparitions in the corridors to the mysterious tall lady in the white gown.

Paranormal groups regularly ghost hunt around the building and visitors have reported the sound of footsteps in an empty parade ground, a cold hand on the shoulder when no one else is nearby, eerie figures walking through cell walls and ice cold, uneasy sensations in the cells.

Tours are led by a fictional costumed character and cost £5 per adult and £3 per child, running every Friday and Saturday evening throughout October from 7 – 8pm (except 31st). Fridays are suitable for adults and teens, while Saturdays are suitable for adults and children. Booking is essential with doors open from 6.30pm (entrance via Royal Parade).
18 September, 2015

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